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Welcome, my name is Eileen Hutchinson and I work as a consultant, coach, trainer and author of a variety of published coaching workbooks and poems. I continually support in-house clients and individuals with personal and professional development. I offer a range of coaching, leadership, business start up mentoring, and management training.

The focus of my work is to support you in discovering your innate skills, capabilities and leadership qualities. I’m here to assist you in exploring and understanding how effective your personal influencing skills can be and how they can lead to better personal and organisational results.The training you will receive includes a mixture of coaching, leadership, entrepreneurship and NLP.

My coaching is centred around how you will make the shift to start living an inspired life. Becoming inspired is really about changing your awareness about yourself. Knowing how to move into a place of real trust and then to follow your inner guidance. Once you start to engage in the process of becoming inspired about who you are, you will start to: Feel more energy, more compassion and you will have a renewed and stimulated mindset. You will experience a deeper and clearer thinking process, enhancing your development. Inspirational thoughts and actions will come to you easily and effortlessly.

I share my work through community media appearances as a guest speaker on radio, at several Women’s Events, Universities and through several short film documentaries undertaken by Universities and Government bodies. The media coverage highlights the interventions and breakthroughs people and organisations have achieved through working with me and I offer either, one to one coaching or more formal training programmes.

I founded HCMA Training Academy which offers a range of online and offline training packages with accreditation from ILM and City & Guilds. Discover my training company at  HCMA Training Academy  where you can access an online interactive classroom. My comprehensive training materials and workbooks can be accessed via your computer or mobile phone.

For more information or to book a coaching session Contact Eileen Hutchinson

My qualifications and studies include:

NLP, CBT, Psychotherapy, Timeline-Therapy, Coaching, Mentoring, Career- Guidance, IAG Counselling and Hypnotherapy.

I founded HCMA charity in 2008 visit HCMA Charity which offers support to disadvantaged people in local communities.

You can follow me on the links below and I have developed several leadership, coaching and entrepreneurs groups on LinkedIn, where you will find a range of free tools and exercises to support you on your journey.

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My book “Understanding Coaching and Mentoring” is available via Amazon or contact me to send you a signed copy today.

My Poem “A Thank You” is available directly from me.

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