Madeline McQueen

Madeline McQueen. Director – Success Coach & Speaker

Madeline McQueen’s mission is simple; to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

She has a proven track record of success that spans over twenty years in coaching, consulting, sales and running businesses. If you’re looking for someone to help you define your purpose, unlock the potential of your team and take your business from strength to strength, well then, you may just start seeing her as your guardian angel.

Businesses are built by people and Madeline prides herself on her ability to bring the best out of those she works with. She is person-centred and solution-focused. Figuring out how to move on to the next level can be challenging, but helps to take the stress out of it.

Whether working with you, your team or your business, Madeline has a range of skills and tools to help you achieve your goals. She loves to laugh and she truly believes that working with her should be uplifting, inspiring and fun. If you need a bit of oomph, a friendly kick up the backside and a definitive plan for where to go in the future, she is here to help. Whether through coaching, consulting or delivering keynote speech Madeline is the ideal solution provider.

T:      0203 137 9533
TW:  madeline.mcqueen

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