Humphrey David

Pst Humphrey David – BPBC HOST

Our host is Humphrey David; is all about reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a dynamic Pastor, Teacher of the word, counsellor, Evangelist, Church Planter, Life Coach and Author of various Christian and secular books.

His vision is devoted to open the eyes of people and turn them from darkness to light and he Practice the Word through the Grace of God! The Lord Jesus Christ has also commissioned Him with the mandate to reach people and touch their life positively (Acts 10:38)

Besides ministry, he is an Author, Entrepreneur and an IT consultant in the UK.

He is a charismatic leader, visionary, humble and the Senior Pastor of “Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries; in Watford – UK; A multi gifted Preacher of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with Prophetic and Healing Anointing and deep understanding of the deliverance ministries and the Interpretations of visions and dreams of all kinds. (Daniel 1:17)

His ministry has touched the lives of many people around the globe through various, relief efforts, community service initiatives. His ministration is known for his practical approach to the Bible, and has encouraged thousands to pursue a personal relationship with God.

His personal example and devotion to the work of God has greatly influenced, challenged and impacted many people worldwide.

He is the author of many books such as Teach Me To Number My Days, Not My Will Lord But your Will and many more. Watch out for His new book to be released soon – “Oh That I May Please the General and many more.

He had a burden in his heart since 2007 to reach out to the local community, support and empower people to get through the economic climate and this vision gave birth to the BPBC which has been impacting the community and UK.

He is the Host of BPBC, and believes ‘through and record-breaking Conferences, Seminars, Training, Prayers and he said people can be Empowered, Supported to step up the ladder of prosperity. He advised ‘That people needed to always hold onto godly principles in their business endeavours and profession to experience prosperity and abundance’.

These past years by the special grace of God, the Church has positioned itself to reach out to the community and help relief the level of unemployment, poverty and improved lives.

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