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The BPBC started in 2007, as a charitable organisation having identified the need to help people in business, professional and amateurs to find financial freedom, to take greater control and choices over their future.

People who have attended the conference can testify that their lives have been transformed after they have discovered the limitless opportunities that are available to them.

We have been serving Watford and the rest of the UK, ever since.

People benefit from the Specialist and expertise services, advice, counselling, Coaching, Mentoring of people help them to succeed and make a difference to their generation.

We are involved in different areas to develop and empower individuals, companies, churches, charities; ranging from small local projects to major national work.



This event is organised with Aims and Objectives to;

  • To Facilitate Economic & Wealth Creation
  • Business Training & Empowerment
  • Promoting & Establishing Business and enterprises
  • Africans in Diaspora Transition Program – Open Business opportunities in UK and Worldwide
  • Young Entrepreneur Program
  • Women Economic Empowerment Program
  • It is aimed at providing practical support for different people, groups in community residents in Hertfordshire and UK who need help during the economic downturn and coping with the crunch.
  • It is geared towards alleviating of poverty and improving the lifestyle of people in the community.
  • The event will provide invaluable support and information from a range of organisations attending the event.
  • To empower all businesses and professionals through education, business promotions and workshops, marketing, trade, and investment and finance.
  • It will encourage shared knowledge, partnership, skill acquisition, and knowledge transfer.
  • Help facilitate corporate communication and promote framework for corporate governance within enterprises.
  • We aim to provide effective networking opportunities, stimulate enterprise development amongst Young, Women and all local businesses through our support networks, establish business mentoring schemes.



  • Members Of The Public.
  • Students
  • Church Members
  • Pastors
  • Members Different Denominations
  • Everybody From Different Spheres Of Life
  • Employers / Employees
  • Business Men & Women,
  • Top Business Executives,
  • Career / Professional, Entrepreneurs
  • Civil Servants etc

The Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill remarked that she is very happy to see a local church ‘reaching out to help and impact the local community’.

Mr. Guy Priestley – The CEO of Kingdom bank BPBC 2008 said ”The Church played a great role in the community’ and was quite happy with the way the church has positioned itself to work and impact the community.

Claire Ward, Former Labour MP at BPBC 2009 commended the church ‘For all the good work’

Richard Harrington Present Parliament MP for Watford has endorsed the various great works..

The Watford Observer had an article about the successful BPBC captioned ‘The local Church ‘MFM Watford’ opens its doors to the community…’And Business  Leaders Pass On Trade Tips At Conference.

To God Be the Glory!

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