BPBC 2007


The BPBC conference started in 2007, having identified the need to help people in business, professional and amateurs, and have been serving Watford, and the rest of the UK, ever since.

We offer a full range of services, advice, counselling, Coaching, Mentoring of people to succeed and make a difference to their generation.

We are involved in different areas to develop and empower individuals, companies, churches, charities; ranging from small local projects to major national work.

Aim & Objectives

  • To motivate people to fulfill their God given destiny and prophetic agenda
  • To assist them succeed in attaining god given plans and purpose
  • Promote the use of the word of god and holy spirit as the source of attaining success in life
  • Create awareness on where to get help/info
  • Educate everyone in different options available
  • Prayerfully seek god face on business / career endeavours run business with Christian principles
  • Teach biblical principles for prosperity
  • Break curses & yoke of failure, stagnancy, poverty etc
  • Deal with embargoes that prevents saints from moving forward
  • Position saints for God’s wealth transfer agenda.
  • Information about financial Discipline.
  • Teach how to set up business, improve earning potentials etc

BPBC Targeted Audience

  • Church members
  • Pastors
  • Members different denominations
  • Everybody from different spheres of life
  • Employers / employees
  • Business men& women,
  • Top business executives,
  • Career / professional, entrepreneurs
  • Civil servants etc