Looking for opportunities to start or expand a business?

BPBC is a free conference offering opportunities to exhibit for anyone thinking about starting a business or expanding a business. With lots of seminars, exhibitors, advice, opportunities, and much more, you cannot afford to miss out!


Exhibiting is one of the most efficient, effective and successful marketing activities available to you. Having a presence at BPBC will give you exposure to an audience of aspiring, developing and expanding companies and the opportunity to sell your products and services to these highly targeted visitors on a face to face basis.

No other form of marketing can get you in a room with so many potential customers actively looking for suppliers, information and guidance. You cannot afford to miss out.

If you supply products and services to small businesses you should be exhibiting at The BPBC

To enquire please call Laura on 07449753611 or email info@bpbc.org.uk

Advantages of Exhibiting


BPBC puts you in front of the largest number of small/medium sized business. The event is inundated with decision makers who attend the show to buy products and services.


The event is an unrivalled opportunity for you to make an outstanding personal impression with your hottest new prospects and confirm an appointment in their diaries while they are with you.


The exhibition is a fantastic format for gathering a host of quality leads for the sales team, but the face to face nature of the conversation allows you to qualify the leads in detail and know exactly who to call first when you’re back in the office.

If you need even more reasons why it would be a good idea to exhibit…

  • Gain exposure for your products and services – The event is a unique opportunity to meet thousands of highly targeted potential customers who need your products and services, but you will also be included on our website in the months leading up to the event and our glossy show guide which is sent in the post to all of our registered visitors
  • Market research – you can gain a clear idea of exactly how your target audience will react to new ideas and your current products in a live environment
  • Network with your peers, formulate partnerships and discuss ideas
  • Use the opportunity for new launches in a high profile environment

Enquire now by calling Laura on 07449753611or email info@bpbc.org.uk