Google Digital Garage


Keynote Seminar by Google Digital Garage – Accelerate Your Online Presence and Reach New Customers.

Welcome to the Google Digital Garage! A specially crafted zone focusing on teaching digital skills and supporting you in transforming your online presence and revolutionizing your business. The Garage will provide you with expert professional training and mentoring in optimizing your digital skills so you can use the web to grow your business – and it’s absolutely free!

What Is The Digital Garage?

The Digital Garage is a Google initiative, focused on teaching digital skills and supporting entrepreneurs and ambitious growth firms. It focuses on equipping businesses with the knowledge they need to turbocharge growth, make the most of the web, gain new customers, and grow their business or career.


The Garage will run in BPBC and delivers professional support in enhancing your digital presence through 30-minute masterclass presentations titled Accelerate Your Online Presence and Reach New Customers.

Drop-in sessions The Expert classes are bookable in advance by completing the forms below

This act as a one stop shop in accelerating your business growth. Training will focus on helping you improve your digital presence and reach new customers by improving customer visibility.

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